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Bruce Coons announces a newly formed Neighborhood Partnership PAC, his endorsement of David Alvarez who adopts Coons' platform of Residents First - Quality of Life message.

SAN DIEGO, CA - October 7, 2013 - Progressive Democrat Residents First candidate Bruce Coons has dropped out of the mayoral race and has endorsed David Alvarez.

Coons informed his campaign committee and supporters of his decision Saturday. Despite ranking as one of the top 5 candidates and the one with the most resident centric platform he feels that his continuation in the race would only hinder Alvarez's candidacy and that it is best in such a short election cycle to instead work with David on the quality of life message he brought to the election rather than dilute votes.

Bruce was recognized as the candidate who put residents and neighborhoods first. Through countless supporters he's met campaigning, Bruce understands the great need to bridge divides among our communities and so today begins a new chapter.

Bruce Coons endorses a son of Barrio Logan, David Alvarez, at this intersection of San Diego's past and future. David Alvarez will adopt Coons' platform easily, as it closely meets his own, citing that "Bruce has elevated the conversation in this election to the things we both care most about, the residents, the disadvantaged, community groups, and encompassing all of that are the quality of life issues, that are infrastructure, community character, to mass transportation." Coons and his supporters are most gratified that Alvarez has pledged to create a new vision plan document for San Diego, one that incorporates the best minds of San Diego, historic and cultural preservation, conservation of our parklands, bays, rivers and ocean, and sustainability issues.

Coon's organization, SOHO, will work with David when he is mayor as part of the City's 4th floor as an integral part of a team that creates the new vision document.

Throughout the campaign Mr. Coons has insisted that hard decisions should be made on the quality of life that each project will bring to the community it wants to build in, and that the city needs a mayor who is willing to embrace that philosophy, that residents first idea and stick to it.

Bruce Coons, as the public advocate candidate, has framed the race in that the next mayor must understand his role is to be the chief advocate for the people of San Diego as well as the booster in chief for the region's tourism economy, small and large businesses, and for creating a transportation system that is truly integrated for all communities. San Diego must set its priorities in favor of the middle class, the struggling, and the poor.

Although leaving the mayor's race, Bruce's ability to focus on residents and neighborhoods will continue not only as the executive director of SOHO but in a new role in assembling a Neighborhood Partnership PAC. (NPPAC) As a non-partisan Political Action Committee its purpose will be to focus attention on the quality of life issues concerning San Diego on behalf of the residents, students, and property owners. It will be a medium for residents to carry out public service initiatives.

The mission of the Neighborhood Partnership will be to develop political means for improving quality of life by managing growth, encouraging and sustaining neighborhood diversity, community character, and increasing economic viability.

It will also strive to help neighborhood and civic associations get acclimated to the political process so that they may utilize this to the advantage of the neighborhood and constituency for which they represent.

The Neighborhood Partnership will build the capacity of neighborhood leaders and organizations, and provide feedback to the Council and agencies on policy issues affecting neighborhoods.

It will work for an improved environmental and economic health for the city and prioritize neighborhood investment in infrastructure, open space, historic and cultural preservation, and mass transportation.

The Neighborhood Partnership will also focus on large-scale voter registration drives and make sure all viable candidates have a forum to be heard. Clearly when highly qualified candidates cannot be heard above the noise of special interests, something has gone wrong in our political process. In building a Neighborhood Partnership PAC, we can also help assure that qualified candidates will have the voice of the residents behind them. The NPPAC will work to bring the resident and neighborhood voices to the forefront at every election and at every major city issue and/or project that comes before those who, while elected to do the people's work, are instead swayed by their political careers or future donors for those career aspirations.

Coons lays out the driving force behind the forming of the Neighborhood Partnership PAC:

At SOHO we advocate for preservationists and environmentalists to join their local community groups, their planning boards and so on, to insert themselves into the political world, and after experiencing the realities of a major race, we don't want those bright, intelligent, and amazing people who truly care and have great ideas for a better quality of life for San Diegans to be deterred from political life. This PAC will do many things and one of these things will be to help bring up the politicians of the future.

"I am excited and more determined than ever before to protect, preserve, and promote San Diego. The city has been reenergized by my campaign's ability to change the conversation, and to elevate the dialogue to include the real issues facing all San Diegans today," Bruce says.

"I cannot thank enough my supporters, my incredible wife Alana, my board and staff at SOHO who stepped up to help so that I could take partial time off for the campaign and to the campaign team.

"It's up to us to force the important conversations. I know that's what I will be doing and I invite you to join me in the effort to bring a more informed candidate into the mayor's office. Vote for David Alvarez and help bring the progressive vision to city hall."


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